Thoriko Theater

The Thorikos theater dates to the end of the Archaic Age (between 525-480 BC) and is considered the oldest surviving theater in Greece. It is located on a slope, just before the northern entrance of the city of Lavrio and has easy access. There is something else that makes it stand out from the other ancient theaters is that this one does not have a circular shape like the later ones but an ellipsoid with a rectangular orchestra. If you sit in one of its places you will enjoy a special view of the whole area and your gaze will be lost in the sea. You can even see Makronisos whose rocks rise in the Aegean Sea. A setting of ancient Greek culture that takes you back in time.
The habitation on the hill Velatouri has been long and dense. At the top are the ruins of the acropolis with traces of settlement from the end of the Neolithic era, houses of the Early Helladic and Middle Helladic period (2900 – 1600 BC) and five vaulted and chambered tombs of the Late Helladic (Mycenaean) period (1600-1100 BC). .Χ.). In Mycenaean tomb 1 were found vessels and figurines from the 7th to the end of the 5th century BC, which indicate the presence of a heroic cult that continued for many centuries.
The settlement of Thorikos was a prosperous center of metal processing during the 5th and 4th century BC. as it was located near the mines of Lavrio and due to its current location acquired great commercial value.

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